Saturday, June 23, 2007

Billary Goes "Viral"

This is somewhat old news now, but I don't think it got much attention so I'm posting it anyway. In an obvious effort to get some viral buzz, Hillary Clinton's got a spoof of the Soprano's series finale making the its way 'round the interweb. It stars her and Bill (together they are "Billary"), and its intention is to hype the contest she just had to pick her campaign song. Here's her foray into the world of viral video:

Hillary Clinton's Soprano Spoof
|Funny Jokes at JibJab

I work in online entertainment and spend a good deal of time on the web, but I still find this surprising. I mean, who would have thought 4 years ago that posting a video on YouTube was a campaign tactic? Well, no one really. Because it didn't exist. YouTube was created in February of 2005, and it's amazing how much it's changed the landscape since then. When former Presidents of the United States start competing for page space with Smosh, well, that's insane. A sign of the impending apocalypse? Ya, maybe.

ADDENDUM: Smosh's latest, "Transformers Rap": About 560,000 hits
Hillary's Video: About 600,000 hits
WAY too close.

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