Monday, June 25, 2007

The Dramatic Prairie Dog

This, again is a little bit of old news, but... There's a clip flying around the internet that is so brilliantly brief that I think it should be required watching for everyone working in online entertainment - no scratch that - everyone working in entertainment in general - no scratch that - everyone in the continental United States. C'mon America, it'll only take 5 seconds...

Some people are gonna wonder what the big deal is. It's not a big deal obviously, but it only takes five seconds so how can it? Like "Star Wars Kid", this video has spawned a number of remixes. Here's the short list, and I'm sure there's many more...

Embarrased Prairie Dog:
Kill Bill Remix:
O RLY Remix:
DARTHmatic Prairie Dog:
Over the Top Prairie Dog Remix:
Prairie Dog "Du Hast" Remix:
Star Trek Remix:
BONUS! Japanesse show that the clip was originally taken from:

PS. Hilary Clinton's Sopranos Spoof = about 1.2 million views
Dramatic Prairie Dog = over 2.3 million views, at least
Conclusion = Hillary got owned by a burrowing rodent

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Apocalypstick said...

Thanks for posting the orginal context for this as well. The cute Japanese girls trying to scare a prarie dog was my favorite part. And I'm sure those cutie Japanese girls would love your overpriced jeans.